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Weirwood Reservoir

The Fishing Lodge, Weirwood Reservoir, Priory Lane, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5HT
Phone: 01342 822212, E-mail:
Download Directions . . . . Weirwood Reservoir Directions

There are two car parks at this "leased" Fishery, one is the main Yacht Club car park and used if you are fishing the "South Bank" which is the bottom bank on the map, the blue marked bank is "road/tarmac" and reasonably flat, beyond that the red mark part of the bank is mud/dirt road and other than 3 carp pegs on the first point, the "pegs" aren't obvious and you may need to go in the water.
The "North Bank" which is the top bank on the map all red, the car park for this is that thin orange line below the dam right next to the water treatment works, now from this car park you walk through the gate to the water works car park to the far side, then up the hill (this is quite steep so travel light) this take you up the back side of the dam to the north side, at the top of the hill you turn left into an unmown field and walk through the field down to the reservoir.
( Suggestion is to visit before going fishing ).


All round fishing - 7:30 until dusk.
Members allowed half a mile of the North & South bank from the dam wall.
All members must announce themselves on arrival with their membership card (Phone Brendan).
There is £10 for guest day tickets or £15 24 hr (Night) ticket for guests, Members pay £10 Night Ticket.
Keepnets allowed but no carp to be placed in one.
Car Parks on the map and mentioned in general to be used.
Boats can be hired at £30 per day Mon-Fri (Max 2 people),
Ferry to swim available at £5 per Person.
On site toilets
Gate combination is given when required to access the site (North or South bank).