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Paddock Wood Angling Rules



  1. The club shall be called The Paddock Wood Angling & Conservation Society (PWAACS) and have for it's objects the provision of angling facilities for it's members, preservation of the fishing in all our waters under its control and as far as possible to promote angling generally.

  2. The club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Membership Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Competition Secretary and a Committee of Management, seven in number. The Committee of Management shall include a Vice Chairman, Match Captain, Fisheries Manager, Entertainments Officer and a Vice Competition Secretary to be elected from the incoming Committee by its members.
    1. The Club in General Meeting may elect Hon Members and Hon Life Members. Such Members shall be subject to re-election at the AGM. The club may employ water bailiffs, who on employment automatically become Hon Members for the duration of their service.

  3. The Management of the club shall be conducted by the Chairman, Officers and the Committee, two of whom shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re- election at the next AGM. Any vacancy occurring on the Committee shall be filled from those nominated at the last AGM but not elected.
    2. The Business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:-

    Minutes of the previous AGM and adoption as record
    To receive and if approved, to adopt the accounts of the Club for the previous year.
    To fix the rate of subscription and other term of membership for the coming year.
    Election of President, Vice president, Officers and committee Members for the coming year


    Consider the appointment of Trustees and (if any new appointment necessary) to request the Chairman to make the appointment in accordance with rule 4.
    To consider and if approved, to sanction any changes to the Club Rules that have been prepared in accordance with rule 16.
    To consider any Resolution or Proposals, of which at least 21 days written notice has been given to the Secretary.
    May we take this opportunity to remind anglers of the rule that only allows you to fish up to halfway across the lake.
      Rule: If there is no member opposite then you may overcast, but should a member take up residence, you must wind in the cast to halfway.

  4. The Headquarters of The Club shall be The Paddock Wood Social Club.
    1. The following persons shall be Trustees of the Club upon being so appointed in accordance with sub-rule (iv) of this Rule and the property of the Club shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee of Management may from time to time direct, by written resolution, (of which an entry in their Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence)

      Mr Steve Haynes, 62 Prospect Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. TN2 4SN  
      R. Barham of 25 Heron Way, Pembury.  
      Mr. Henry Elcombe, 71 Tutsham Way, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6UA  
    2. The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the property of the Club
    3. Each Trustee shall hold office as such, until his/her replacement as a trustee shall have taken effect by the appoint of a new Trustee in his/her place.
    4. For the purpose of a new Trustee (whether in the place of an existing Trustee or as an additional Trustee) the Chairman is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Fellowship within the meaning of Section 36 of The Trustee Act 1925 and he/she shall by Deed duly appoint the person or persons concerned.

  5. A Committee meeting shall be held on the 1st Wednesday of the month. The Officers and the Secretary or Secretaries shall have a vote each at all Committee Meetings with the Chairman having casting vote.

  6. A special meeting may be called by a requisition to the Hon Secretary, signed by five members and such requisition shall be in writing and must state the business required to be transacted at such meeting. A fortnights notice in writing of the Agenda must be sent to all Members.

  7. The committee shall appoint a qualified auditor (not being a member of the committee) who shall examine the accounts of the Club and shall see that all the receipts and payments are duly stated and entered and generally vouch for the correctness of the financial statement to be presented to the AGM . The financial year shall end on the 31st December.

  8. The rights of the Club to fish are liable to be limited, extended or terminated and these Rules and the privileges of Members of the club subject to such rights. The Club shall not be liable to return to any Members, or person having privileges, any money he/she may have paid to the Club for such privileges.

  9. The Committee may, at their discretion, issue complimentary permits.

  10. All Members, other than Life Members, will pay an annual subscription to be decided at the AGM. Payment must be made with the application to the Mem. Secretary who will issue a membership card. A Member renewing membership, must apply to the Mem. Secretary by 1st April each year. After 1st May, a member shall be deemed to be a new applicant and along with new applicants will be admitted in date order of application. Before accepting a renewal subscription from any Member, the Committee shall consider whether such member has given fair assistance in bailiffing Club waters and at work parties. In such consideration the Committee shall take into account any other particular contribution to the welfare of the Club.

  11. A new Member will be admitted only if a vacancy occurs within the number constituting total membership and will pay any admission fees plus the annual subscription, to be decided at the AGM. Acceptance of all membership applications will at all times be at the Committee's discretion. Membership renewal application or new membership application will not be accepted, unless a minimum of two working party dates are shown of which at least one must be attended or the working party non-attendance fee is paid.

  12. Guest tickets may be issued to a Member for guests at the Secretary's discretion. The guest may only fish the specified water on the specified date and must be accompanied by the Member and must fish in proximity to the Member. Day Guest tickets (issued at rates to be decided at the AGM or the incoming Committee) are in force from 7am until 7pm. After which the guest must vacate the property.
    If a Day Guest ticket or a Guest 24 hours ticket has been purchased the member must be in attendance at all times.

  13. The Rules relating to Junior Members are as follows:-
    1. A Junior is a person who on 16th June in the relevant year is under the age of 16.
    2. A Junior permit may be issued at such rates as may be decided by the AGM. On the issue of such a permit, the person concerned will become a Junior Member, but will be entitled only to such privileges as may be given by an AGM or by the Committee.
    3. A Junior Member reaching the age of 16 before 1st April in the relevant year shall be entitled to become a Senior Member in that year provided that he/she has held a Junior Permit the previous year.
    4. A Junior Member shall not be invited to vote on any matters at General Meetings or at the AGM.

  14. Members shall observe any close season laid down by the relevant Environment Agency in respect of all species of fish.

  15. Fishing shall not be permitted in any other than by angling with rod and line and a landing net for securing fish when hooked. Lay lines are prohibited.

  16. The Rules (other than Special Rules, Bye-laws and Competition Rules) shall be amended or added to at the AGM or Special General Meeting. Any member wishing to propose any alteration to the Rules at such meetings must leave particulars as such proposals, in writing, with the Hon Secretary at least 21 days before the date of such meetings.

  17. All Senior Members shall be required to act as water bailiffs.

  18. Any member, who lands a fish in excess of the current British Rod Caught record, may retain such fish for record purposes, subjected to any other restrictions impose by the Riparian Owner.

  19. Members and permit holders shall be liable to be turned away from the Club's waters unless they have the current membership card or permit and the appropriate Water Authority License with them, which must be handed over for inspection on demand to any of the water bailiffs or any Official or Member of the Club.

  20. These Rules shall be subject to the interpretation of the Committee or otherwise as AGM may decide. Anything arising not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee

  21. The Committee shall have full power to commence any prosecution for any offences committed, which they consider detrimental to the interest of the Club.

  22. In the event of any Member breaking any of the Rules, Bye-laws or Competition Rules, the Committee shall have the power to expel such Member and he/she shall have no claim on the Club for any subscription or admission fee paid, provided however that no Member shall be expelled under this Rule, except at a meeting of the Committee specially convened for the purpose, at which he/she may appear or be represented, if he/she wishes and of which he/she has been given 14 days' notice in writing.

  23. Members shall have the right to appeal to the General Meeting if dissatisfied with any decision of the Committee.


  1. One rod one hook, if a floating bait is used.
  2. Only 1 barbless hook to be used per rod.
  3. No person shall fish other than in designated swims.
  4. No pre-baiting or heavy ground baiting on any Club Stillwater.
  5. Keepnets when used, shall not be less than eight feet in length, shall not have a top ring of less than eighteen inches and shall be of knotless construction. All anglers must own and use a suitably sized landing net.
  6. Dogs are not permitted on any of the Club fisheries
  7. Anglers are permitted to use a maximum of two rods on any Club waters
  8. Members, whilst angling on Club waters:
    1. MUST NOT damage mowing grass or crops, any fence or river bank or any persons property.
    2. MUST NOT light any fire, nor leave litter on any part of any fishery.
    3. MUST NOT carry guns, firearms, or catapults (excluding bait catapults)
    4. MUST Not camp, nor use radios or audio equipment.
    5. MUST NOT fish from boats or similar.
    6. MUST NOT cause annoyance to Riparian Owners
    7. MUST NOT take away from Club Waters, any fish, dead or alive, nor retain any fish other than alive in a keepnet, approved carp sack other than as provided for in Rule 18.
    8. MUST NOT cause any harm to natural or wildlife in or on the Club waters or surrounding land.
    9. MUST NOT use any nuts
    10. MUST NOT use any live fish in any form to catch other fish.
  9. No Junior shall night fish any club water without being accompanied by a Senior Member.
  10. If you use a bivvy, you must leave at least one metre gap to allow other anglers to pass.
  11. BAIT BOATS are not to be used on any Club Waters.


  1. Alcohol is banned from all PWAACS waters
  2. Illegal drug use will be reported to the police
  3. Junior Members are not allowed to fish any of the Clubs River fisheries unless accompanied by a consenting Senior Member and they must fish at all times in close proximity to the consenting Senior Member.
  5. Club Membership cards remain the property of the CLUB.
  6. Fishing will be allowed until the 31st March at Gedges Lakes and Owls Castle Farm only. Anybody caught fishing any other PWAACS water's could lead them to prosecution by the Relevant Authorities.
  7. Halfway Rule: Anglers are only allowed to fish halfway across any of the Clubs lakes. Exception to Rule 7. If the swim opposite is vacant, the angler may overcast, but should an angler take up residence in that swim then you must draw your bait back in to halfway. If there is any dispute by applying this rule then the newly arrived member shall be deemed to be in the right.
  8. On any Club Stillwater, there is no spinning or dropshotting at any time. Spinning on rivers is still permitted.
  9. Absence of swim: If you leave your swim for more than 1 hour, you must vacate all your gear from that swim. Any Swim vacated for more than 1 hour and member still not present, then the equipment shall be removed by a member of the committee if present.
  10. If a member leaves his/her swim for ANY short length of time they must ensure that their rods are reeled in and the baited hook made safe. The Club shall not be responsible for such equipment that has been removed from a swim under execution of Rule 9.
  11. The use of Leadcore in any description on any of the club waters is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Any member found using Leadcore will be reported to the committee and have their membership withdrawn with immediate effect.
  12. Any Bailiff or member has the right to ask a member to spotcheck tackle for the use of banned items, the bailiff or member carrying out the spotcheck must be able to do so in safety, any bailiff or member being threatened and/or abused by doing so will immediately remove theirself from the situation and report the incident to a Committee Member who will, if possible and practical, attend and deal with the incident, if no Committee Member is available it will be dealt with at a convienient time later.
  13. When Parking in any Club Carpark the members Circular Parking Permit MUST be displayed on the dashboard for inspection.


  • The Membership Secretary will inform all Senior Members of the date and location during the season when they are required to bailiff.
    If the given date/location is not convenient then contact the Membership Secretary for a mutually convenient date

  • When Bailiffing you MUST carry your Club Membership and NEA (National Enviromental Agency) license.

  • Senior Members are required to attend at least one working party or PAY the NON WORKING PARTY ATTENDANCE FEE with membership renewal.

  • All work party dates can be found on the newsletter.

  • The work party shall start at 08:30am and finish at 12:30pm.

  • Assemble at the shed at Gedges Lake 1.

  • Padlock Combination Numbers The number for the padlocks is on your membership card.

Competition Match Rules


  1. The starting and finishing times for the match must be displayed on all literature relating to the match
  2. The recommended duration for a contest shall be decided by the Match Organiser, taking in any daily circumstances..
  3. All matches to be pegged down.
  4. Each competitor on drawing their number shall proceed to the corresponding number on the bank and this will be considered their fishing ground where they will fish. The peg must remain in position until the weigh-in is completed.
  5. Every competitor must fish from within one metre either side of their designated peg. On flowing water, the competitor may fish in the direction of flow as far as the next peg. On still water, they may fish as far as half the distance between the pegs on either side. Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit is midway between each bank. The competitor will restrict their activities completely to these boundaries, neither their person, tackle, hook baits or groundbait may intrude into their neighbours swim. In an extreme situation e.g. snagged tackle or a snagged fish, an angler must seek permission from their neighbour before moving from their designated peg to try and remedy the situation. A competitor must not cause annoyance to, or seek to interfere with another competitor or use mobile phones during the course of the competition.
  6. No competitor may move their peg or exchange their peg or draw card with another without the organiser's official consent.
  7. Optional pools will be in operation and must be paid before drawing peg number.
  8. Competitors must retain all fish in keepnets which comply with the relevant EA bye-laws. Competitors must take every practicable step to keep their fish alive and after weighing them must ensure their careful return to the water. If for any reason fish are seen to be in distress, a competitor or match official has the right to demand that they be weighed immediately and returned to the water during the course of the match.
    1. Keepnet weight limit 50lbs +/- 10lbs,any weights outside of this the net will be disqualified from the match.
  9. A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole, one line and one single hook at one time, but may have other rods or poles and tackle assembled for use in position behind them, if possible, providing that no such other tackles are baited.
  10. Any bait, subject to local rules, can be used except live or dead fish, frogs, spinning baits or artificial lures.
  11. No Competitor shall have live or dead fish in their possession before a match. All competitors must submit a search if requested by a contest official.
  12. Before the starting signal no competitor must on any account groundbait or loose feed the swim but will allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix and wet groundbait, clear the ground of weed or obstructions and position equipment. On no account must a feeder be used before the starting signal.
  13. Competitors may receive assistance to or from their peg, or both, for themselves or their tackle, or both.
  14. All groundbait may be thrown in by hand, or by use of bait catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders, bait droppers and bait cups, but no other mechanical means of projecting groundbait is allowed. No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod/pole while continuing to fish.
  15. A competitor must strike, play and land his own fish.
  16. Any member, drawing a bye in the knockout competition, must fish to go through to the next round.
  17. Two keepnets minimum to comply with Rule 8a.
  18. A competitor may wade provided that the water does not extend above the knees unless they can touch the bank with the fingertips, in which case the water can extend above the knees. When standing on a river/lake bed.
  19. No competitor shall leave their peg at any time during the course of the match other than to answer the call of nature and then they must not leave their baited hook in the water. At the end of the match, a competitor must remain at their peg until their catch has been weighed unless they have been detailed for weighing duties. Any competitor so detailed must have a witness to the weighing of their own catch.
  20. A competitor must cease fishing at the finishing signal. Should they still be playing a fish before the signal is given, they will permitted no more than fifteen minutes after time has been called to land the fish
  21. All fish caught are eligible for weighing with the exception of pike and dead fish. It will be the responsibility of the competitor to return all live fish to the water after weighing. Dead fish, handed to the competitor by the scalesman, must be disposed of correctly. Any fish suspected of being weighed or any fish considered suspicious by the weighers must be laid before the match organisers and the anglers weight not be confirmed until a ruling has been obtained. If stewards recommend the disqualification of a competitor they will weigh their fish in case the ruling is not upheld.
  22. A junior is a person holding a Junior National River Authority Licence.
  23. Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catches recorded by the steward and any dispute the decision of the weighers and the organisers will be final.
  24. All fish must be weighed at the competitors peg.
  25. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and peg numbers returned to the organiser. No competitor may have their catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of their swim.
  26. Any objections to an anglers conduct, for whatever reason, must be lodged with a match official within one hour of the end of the match. In all cases the objector shall inform the offender of their intentions at the time that they may speak in their own defence. Should an offender after receiving such a warning leave the match scene, the objection shall be deemed to have been sustained and the match organisers must inform them of their findings and punishment (if any) within seven days.
  27. All the foregoing rules are subject to the bye-laws of the Environment Agency.
  28. Any angler proved to have been in contravention of these rules will be disqualified.
  29. No floating bait, bait will be considered as floating if it is within six inches of the surface.

The club has a Members match every month from July to March. In addition there is a Juniors match and mixed doubles match, a four pole match league, a four pole match mini-league and a silver fish match.
The Match Captain also organises various opens and sponsored matches throughout the season.
The results of the nine monthly matches are correlated by the Competition Secretary and the winners receive their prizes at the AGM.

The match held in December is the "Fur and Feather" match with individual prizes

The Stuart Cup is awarded to the Member catching the heaviest Carp of the season, the Gordon Cumming Tench Cup is awarded to the Member catching the heaviest Tench of the season, whether they were caught in a match provided they were caught from the Club's waters and either witnessed by a Committee Member or witnessed by two non-related or non-associated Senior Members and providing that the weighing scales are verified for accuracy against the Clubs scales within forty eight hours.

Senior Championship Shield For the Senior Member with the most points from eight of the nine monthly matches.
Junior Championship Cup For the Junior Member with the most points from eight of the nine monthly matches.
Knockout Shield For the winner of the Knockout competition during the last six monthly matches.
Senior Species Shield For the most species caught by a Senior Member during the nine monthly matches. One point is awarded for each species caught in each match.
Junior Species Shield As for the Senior Species Shield but for Junior Members.
Senior Total Weight Bowl For the heaviest total weight caught by a Senior in nine monthly club matches.
Junior Total Weight Bowl For the heaviest total weight caught by a Junior in nine monthly club matches.
Karl's Trebles Trophy Three Members with the greatest points total from the last eight monthly club matches.
Pairs Cup For the pair with the greatest points total from the last eight monthly club matches.
The Committee Cup For the winner of the Junior match.
The Jubilee Cup For the angler who wins the July monthly club match.
The Mick Simmonds For the angler who wins the January monthly club match.
The Hawkins And Rowe Trophy For the angler who wins the March monthly club match.
The Daniel Malcolm Cup For the winner of the Fur and Feather match.
Senior/Junior Pairs Shield For the Senior winner of the Senior/Junior Pairs Match.
The Ken Munday Trophy For the Junior winner of the Senior/Junior Pairs Match.
The Roach Shield For the heaviest Roach caught during monthly club match.
The Perch Cup For the heaviest Perch caught during monthly club match.
The Chub Cup For the heaviest Chub caught during monthly club match.
The Bream Cup For the heaviest Bream caught during monthly club match.
The Tench Cup For the heaviest Tench caught during monthly club match.
The Stuart Cup For the heaviest Carp caught in club waters.
The Gordon Cumming Tench Cup For the heaviest Tench caught in club waters.
The Mixed Doubles Trophy For the winner of the mixed doubles match.
The Heritage Pole Cup For the winner of the Pole League.
The Deveron Trophy For the winner of the mini league.
The Barham Trophy For the winner of the December (Silver Fish) match.