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River Beult

River Beult, West Street, Yalding, Kent, ME15 0SA
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Park in the official car park only. Lock the iron gate on entry and exit. (Lock is stiff so give it a good yank).
The entrance to the fishery is on a sharp bend (be careful entering and leaving), and if coming from the Yalding village end you will go passed a Mill House with pond, then alongside a cut of the Beult, you will see a black/white chevron (sharp bend sign) and right on that bend there is an entrance with corrugated iron cladding with a combination lock on the right hand side (There is enough off road parking for 1 car at the entrance).
There is another club that has the rights to the far bank, although it is not often fished, so this is probably the quietest venue the club owns to fish.
ACCESS within the fishery - Be careful this is a remote location, you are driving on dirt paths, there is a bridge halfway up to the river if you drive all the the up to the main river, it is advisable (and the gate to drive up to the river might get locked when it gets muddy to avoid people getting stuck) to not attempt to drive up to the main river without checking on foot first the state of the ground. The Car park for the back cut is the end of the Open area after you go through the main gate before it narrows and goes through a gate.

Mixed River Fishery
This is not an easy water to fish, but has its rewards with quality fish if you can find them.
The main river is slow moving, 20-25m wide, and deep to very deep in places (drops off to 6ft plus in the margins in some swims).
It is a river and as such fish swim up and down it and are not contained in just our stretch, people have caught large eels, carp, chub tench bream, pike, roach & rudd up in the main river.
The backwater only has about 4 or 5 pegs, and not very wide but early morning, late evening can provide a reward or two for anyone that wants to try something different.