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Owls Castle

Owls Castle Lakes, Owls Castle Farm, Hogs Hole Lane, Lamberhurst, TN3 8BN
Entrance is at the bottom of a hill on the corner, galvanized double gate just before or after a farmhouse dependent on which way you drive in from.
Download Directions . . . . Owls Castle Farm Directions

Lake 1. Carp averaging 5-10lbs with a reputed 29lb.
Lake 2. Carp averaging 5-10lbs.
Lake 3. Reputed tench to 6lb.


Gate Key should be on your Membership Card.
Although the picture suggests 5 Lakes (There are 4) - Lake 1 recently been dug and depth increased.
Be aware there are crayfish in these lakes.
Beware of OVERHEAD POWER Cables.
Any additional Information Required or Observations regarding these Lakes, please contact any member of the committee and they will address it as it is a leased property.
Please note these lakes are shallow (especially Lake 2).

Fish: ONLY Carp (To high doubles) and Tench (To 6lb) in all lakes.

This is on farm land and the owner is strict on the rules, any breakage of them and you will be asked to leave immediately.
Barbless Hooks Only,
Each Angler must have his/her own unhooking mat.
Each Angler must have an appropriate landing net to suit the species they are targeting.
NO keepnets at any time.
Club Vehicle Disc Must be Displayed.
NO Night Fishing (Dawn until Dusk ONLY).
Park in Official Carpark only.
Both Gates must be kept closed and locked where appropriate after entry and exit.
Beware of overhead power cables on this fishery.
If these rules are NOT followed, we will lose this fishery.