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Gedges Hill Roadworks by Southeast Water during 2024.

Access to the lakes for both periods of work is ONLY from the Matfield village end going down Gedges Hill.
The road works by Southeast Water will start after the PWAACS disabled car park and terminate at Chantler's Hill road,
the Paddock Wood end will be CLOSED with NO ACCESS to the lakes at all times.
There will apparently be road closed signs displayed at the top of the hill that you can go through to get access to the lakes/car parks.

  • Work will take place in two phases during school holidays
  • Phase 1
    • will begin on Thursday 28th March 2024 for preparatory work for 2 weeks during the Easter Holiday.
  • Phase 2
    • starts on Tuesday 23rd July 2024 for installation of the new pipework for 6 weeks during school summer holiday.
  • Our team will complete the work as quickly and as safely as possible and will be working extended hours
    • Mondays to Fridays 7:00am to 7:00pm
    • Saturdays 8:00am to 4:00pm
Road Closure and Diversion Map
  • Gedges Hill and Chantler's Hill will be closed for the safety of the public and our team while we carry out our work.
  • We are working with KCC Highways to agree a suitable diversion route for both roads,taking into account local concerns raised from our earlier work in Mascalls Court Road.
  • Diversion for Gedges Hill has been agreed with Highways to be along the A21, A228, B2017 and B2160.
  • Closures will be signposted in advance and signage for the diversion will be in place throughout the works.
  • We are looking at additional signage needs on local roads to help deter "rat-running".
  • Access to homes and businesses will be maintained but there will be no through access for the duration of the work.
Full Details can be found here: Southeast Water, Paddock Wood Water Main Upgrade 2024

Full Elected Committee Members And Roles

Listed are the members of the Clubs Committee, their address and contact details.
Please remember that they give their time freely and as such are entitled to a family life.
If it's for an urgent Guest Ticket, use the Email or Texting facility provided.
We all sometimes decide to go on the spur of the moment so.....

  • Chairman
  • Secretary & Mem.Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Gary Wozny Mr Richard Barham Gordon Cumming
    1 Woodfalls Cottage 25 Herons Way 72 Darwin Road
    Laddingford Pembury Welling
    Kent Kent Kent
    ME18 6DA TN2 4DW DA16 2EG
    01622872252 / 07957860101 01892823967 / 07854411682 020 8304 2402  

  • President
  • Alf Paice
  • Treasurer
  • Gordon Cumming
  • Ass. Fisheries Officer
  • David Growns
  • Vice President
  • Frank Wilkins
  • Fisheries Manager
  • Ken Kullman
  • Ass. Fisheries Officer
  • Henry Elcombe
  • Chairman
  • Gary Wozny
  • Ass. Fisheries Manager
  • David Bridger
  • Ass. Fisheries Officer
  • John Daly
  • Vice Chairman
  • Tony Fleet
  • Fisheries Officer
  • Barry Weekes
  • Press Officer
  • Jamie Weekes
  • Secretary & Mem.Secretary
  • Richard Barham        

    Competition Secretaries Match Captains (Non-Committee)

  • Away Match Captain
  • Paul Berwick
  • Home Match Captain
  • Martin Lloyd

    Important Information

    Before contacting any Committee member for help or information with any problem,
    Please check the back of your Membership Card for Padlock combinations or Website to see if this can solve your problem.

    Anyone found using leadcore of any description on their tackle will instantly have their membership cancelled.
    To this effect all bailiffs have been instructed to stepup the spotchecks of tackle being used by members for both Leadcore and Barbed hooks.
    Failure to comply with this reasonable request from a bailiff will also put your membership in jeopardy.


    On all Application Forms, due to Data Protection, we now have to ask if we can keep your details on record.
    If you agree, tick the box provided. If you don't tick the box we don't know where to send any updates, closures etc.
    Example: If at a committee meeting we update a rule and you haven't been informed..... (ignorance is no excuse remember)
    If we close a venue, and you turn up!!!! it's a nasty return trip to somewhere else.