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Greenacres Farm Lakes

Greenacres Farm Fishery, Sissinghurst Road, Biddenden, Kent, TN27 8FL.
Mobile: 07933 934942
Website: Greenacres Farm Fishery
Head Bailiff: Martin Parker via WhatsApp
Download Directions: Greenacres Farm Directions

Greenacres Directions

Bluebell Lake (Tench Pond)
Kingfisher Lake (Match Lake)
Heron Lake (Coarse Lake)
Specimen 1 Lake (This lake is NOT
FREE, but is fishable at a £2 reduction)
Specimen 2 Lake (This lake is NOT
FREE, but is fishable at a £2 reduction)


Mixed Commercial Fishery with Multiple Lakes (5 In Total) on the Fishery which consists of two Specimen Lakes and 3 General commercial coarse lakes.
The Lakes Heron, Kingfisher & Bluebell form part of our lease with Greenacres and are Free to members to fish as long as the Rules are followed.

The Specimen Lakes are not part of the "Free Fishing" but can be fished by Members at a £2 Concession, Reduction on the FULL rate

Rates for these Lakes can be found on the Greenacres Farm Fishery Website

There are 3 Car Parks on the fishery, there is one by the Clubhouse & Toilets as you enter the fishery on the Left, as you go past that there is a 2nd Parking area to the right for Kingfisher lake, then if you drive down past Kingfisher there is a 3rd car park for Heron and Bluebell.
The specimen lakes are also accessible from one of these car parks but it is best to speak to the bailiff when booking for exact details of where to park as these lakes do have 24hr+ booking up to what looks like 72hrs, so highly likely you will be locked in the fishery overnight.

Bluebell - Small wooded Mr Crabtree type pond with small to medium size fish.
Kingfisher - Match Lake with normal species, carp, roach, rudd, bream, tench, etc small to medium size.
Heron - Similar size/species of fish to Kingfisher but a slightly larger size, carp to low 20's.
Specimen 1 - Carp to 30lb+ and Perch to 5lb+
Specimen 2 - Carp to 30lb+, Catfish to 65lb+ and Pike to 20lb+

All PWAACS members fishing these lakes MUST have their photo ID on them, as proof of membership.
Members can fish any day of the week, BUT MUST pre-book the lake/peg before turning up at the venue or they may be asked to leave the fishery.

General Rules for the Fishery:

  • Gates will be closed between 6:30pm & 7am - no takeaways or deliveries after 6pm.
  • All under 16's must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • The owners accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any possessions or vehicles whilst on these premises.
  • The owners accept no responsibility for any personal injury whilst on these premises.
The Additional Lake rules are:
  • NO bait boats
  • NO braided main line
  • NO nuts of any kind
  • NO leadcore
  • NO trout pellets (Carp pellets only)
  • NO fixed leads
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Take all rubbish home
  • Dip mats and slings before fishing
  • NO wading & USE unhooking mats (Specimen Lakes)